Category: English tenses

Present continuous.

Put each verb in brackets into the present continuous.

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Please use short forms e.g. haven't instead of have not in negative statements and use long forms in positive statements e.g. I am instead of I'm.

1. What (you do)? Nothing special. I'm bored.2. Do you like the party? Yes, I (enjoy) it very much.3. Look at the girl who (dance) with Jack now. She's beautiful, isn't she?4. Do you know what our children are doing now? They (play) computer games, as usual.5. Ken (go) to school at the moment.6. Tomorrow we are leaving so dad (wash) the car now.7. Greetings from Greece. We (spend) a great time here.8. Where is mum? She (sleep) after work.9. Kate (have) a shower after a difficult basketball game.10. The guy next to John (look) at Helen all the time. He must have a crush on her.11. Paul and his father (drive) their new car.12. Children (get) worse and worse.13. The modern world (still change).14. I (work) at a petrol station at the moment.15. Have you heard the news? Radiohead (give) a concert next Friday.