Category: Pronouns and determiners


Read the questions below and decide which answer best fits each space.

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Question 1

The concert wasn't popular. Only ... people came.

Question 2

... the students passed the exam.

Question 3

The accident was terrible. He had ... luck that he survived.

Question 4

I had ... friends in Cracow so I moved to Warsaw.

Question 5

We arrived late so ... us were tired.

Question 6

She's eaten all the buiscuits. There are ... left.

Question 7

The room was extremely tiny. There was ... space to move.

Question 8

Slow down, we have ... time.

Question 9

... people think that the world is getting worse.

Question 10

Have you watched ... these films?

Question 11

... people enjoyed the party, but ... were disappointed.

Question 12

Kate thinks that ... people are evil.

Question 13

I had ... money at that time and it was hard for me to get by.

Question 14

I met Kate yesterday. Fortunately, we had ... time to talk to.

Question 15

I saw her ... days ago. She was with her boyfriend.

Question 16

... your mates like Chinese cousin, don't they?

Question 17

We've been living here for ... years.

Question 18

Did it cost ... to buy such a nice car?

Question 19

I was in Italy for ... years.

Question 20

We spent ... money during our stay in Spain.