Category: Pronouns and determiners

Indefinite pronouns.

Read the questions below and decide which answer best fits each space.

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Question 1

I didn't feel good at the concert, because there was ... I knew.

Question 2

We had known all the facts ha said. We found out ... new.

Question 3

Before you marry her, I must tell you ... about her parents.

Question 4

Don't worry, ... will be ok.

Question 5

I can't see Kate ... Do you know where she is?

Question 6

Would you like me to do ... for you?

Question 7

Don't trust ...

Question 8

Paul lives ... in Canada.

Question 9

... wanted to talk to you when you were in the supermarkt. He left his number.

Question 10

... was surprised when he confessed his love. We didn't expect it.

Question 11

It's up to her so ... should tell her what to do.

Question 12

There is ... to go in winter in this city.

Question 13

The holidays were great. We could do ... we wanted.

Question 14

Is ... going to the theatre with me?

Question 15

He's not a liar. I'm sure ... he said was true.