Category: Use of English

Test with gaps - vocabulary.

Read the questions below and decide which answer best fits each space.

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Question 1

Tom got a ..... new car for birthday.

Question 2

Tony is a big ..... so you'd better be nice to him.

Question 3

We finally found ..... that she was expelled from school.

Question 4

All my books are very important to me, but this one is just .....

Question 5

I don't like ..... music.

Question 6

May your dreams come .....

Question 7

I really think your shoes don't ..... your trousers.

Question 8

If I were you, I would give ..... the job.

Question 9

What is on ..... the cinema

Question 10

She is a little shy and ..... every time she has to speak in front of many people.

Question 11

You should cut ..... smoking if you want to avoid serious problems.

Question 12

Sue didn't know the answer. She didn't have a .....

Question 13

My website ..... a lot of English tests.

Question 14

Sue is not a celebrity, but she played some roles as a ..... actress.

Question 15

The elevator was ..... order so we had to use the stairs.