Category: English tenses

Future simple, future continuous or future perfect?

Put each verb in brackets into a suitable verb form.

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Please use short forms e.g. haven't instead of have not in negative statements and use long forms in positive statements e.g. I am instead of I'm.

1. Don't phone me between 8 a.m. and 12 p.m. I (work).2. Next month we (be married) for 25 years.3. By the time you arrive, she (go).4. I suppose the concert (finish) about 6.5. In half an hour everybody (watch) the film.6. I think she (pass) tomorrow's exam.7. I (tell) you everything when I go back.8. I can visit you at 5. We (finish) the game by then.9. I (be) very sad if you do that.10. John is very upset today. I (try) to talk to him.11. This time next week I (relax) at the beach.12. Tomorrow she (write) a very important exam.13. This time tomorrow I (fly) to France.14. By the end of the week he (spend) all his money.15. Sorry, but I can't come at 5. I (play) football with my mates.