Category: Passive voice and reported speech

Have something done.

Put each words in brackets into a suitable form.

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Please use short forms e.g. haven't instead of have not in negative statements and use long forms in positive statements e.g. I am instead of I'm.

1. I look terrible. I must (cut my hair).2. Sometimes I have a terrible headache. Maybe I should (examine my head) by a doctor.3. Now, when at last I have enough money, I can (repair my roof).4. I (clean my house) every week.5. I think I should (check my hearing) by a specialist.6. It's said you should (test your brakes) at least once a year.7. My car looked awful so I (wash it).8. Sorry, but we can't watch any movie. I (not repair my video) yet.9. Everyday we (deliver a newspaper).10. Sue's got late becuase she (service her car) now.11. I had some problems with my PC and needed to (reinstall my system).12. I had to (fix my screen) because it had broken.13. I (break my arm) in a car accident yesterday.14. Peter is living with me now because he (renovate his house).15. We (project our house) by a known architect.