Category: Modal verbs

Modal verbs.

Read the questions below and decide which answer best fits each space.

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Question 1

Don't phone me at 6 p.m. I ...

Question 2

It's a secret. You ... tell anybody about it!

Question 3

I ... abroad in July. Would you like to come with me?

Question 4

I don't know if she want to go with us but she ... show up.

Question 5

Look at the boy next to Kate. It ... be her boyfriend.

Question 6

I'm so tired. I ... relax.

Question 7

He ... work at Sundays, but she seems to be tired anyway.

Question 8

Paul suggested I ... sell my old car and buy a new one.

Question 9

I think you ... apologise to her for your behaviour.

Question 10

She ... swim and run very well.

Question 11

She's been studying for the test very hard. She ... pass it easily.

Question 12

He's just eaten. He ... be hungry.

Question 13

According to the forecast, the weather ... be nice tomorrow.

Question 14

He's not a liar. The story ... be true.

Question 15

We ... go on foot. We ... take a taxi.