Category: English tenses

Future tenses - summary.

Read the questions below and decide which answer best fits each space.

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Question 1

You ... your room without my permission.

Question 2

Your driving licence ... next week.

Question 3

I hope it ... tomorrow.

Question 4

I have a proposal for Peter. ... him tonight?

Question 5

Hurry up! The train ...

Question 6

I ... a party and would like to invite you. Thanks, if you need any help, I ... you a hand.

Question 7

I ... come with you.

Question 8

Every student ... the matura exam in May.

Question 9

If she ... pass the exam, she needs to study harder.

Question 10

I can't look at these documents any longer. I ... madness.

Question 11

Tom ... for the company for 20 years next week. We ... a party for him.

Question 12

The concert ... at 8 p.m.

Question 13

As soon as I ... back, I ... something nice.

Question 14

Can you visit me tomorrow? Well, I suppose you ... me for some time. We ... on holidays.

Question 15

... the window?