Category: English tenses

Future tenses - summary.

Read the questions below and decide which answer best fits each space.

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Question 1

Tom ... for the company for 20 years next week. We ... a party for him.

Question 2

I ... come with you.

Question 3

I have a proposal for Peter. ... him tonight?

Question 4

I hope it ... tomorrow.

Question 5

... the window?

Question 6

The concert ... at 8 p.m.

Question 7

I ... a party and would like to invite you. Thanks, if you need any help, I ... you a hand.

Question 8

Hurry up! The train ...

Question 9

If she ... pass the exam, she needs to study harder.

Question 10

You ... your room without my permission.

Question 11

Can you visit me tomorrow? Well, I suppose you ... me for some time. We ... on holidays.

Question 12

Every student ... the matura exam in May.

Question 13

Your driving licence ... next week.

Question 14

As soon as I ... back, I ... something nice.

Question 15

I can't look at these documents any longer. I ... madness.