Category: English tenses

Future simple, present simple or present continuous?

Read the questions below and decide which answer best fits each space.

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Question 1

It ... Friday tomorrow.

Question 2

My train ... at 5. I think I ... late.

Question 3

I hope she ... me soon.

Question 4

My car has broken down. Don't panic, I ... you to work.

Question 5

Thanks for the money. I ... it back soon.

Question 6

Don't ask her for money. She ... you.

Question 7

At 5 a.m. I ... in bed.

Question 8

Are you ready honey? Yes, I ...

Question 9

I ... a party and would like to invite you.

Question 10

How about going out? We ... to the cinema to get some rest.

Question 11

Are you going to stay with us a bit longer? No, tomorrow we ...

Question 12

I ... to France next week. ... me?

Question 13

I'm sure she ... your offer.

Question 14

I promise I ... you down.

Question 15

She ... married next month.