Category: Word formation

Word formation.

Put each word in brackets into a suitable form.

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Please use short forms e.g. haven't instead of have not in negative statements and use long forms in positive statements e.g. I am instead of I'm.

1. Don't be (child). It's a really important matter.2. The Internet provides people with (date) news.3. Listen to me kids. I'll tell you an (end) story about love and peace.4. We didn't arrange to meet in Greece. It was (coincide).5. I'm sure that with such deep (know) he won't have any problems to find a well-paid job.6. (Actual) I don't have any plans for the evening so we may go out.7. His (straight) may be sometimes impolite.8. All my (fail) make me feel like a loser.9. Certificate of Proficiency in English is a main (require) to get this job.10. It was the most beautiful (set) I have ever seen. The sun was so red.11. Due to some graphic violence, viewer discretion is (advice).12. I've been working at the computer for many hours and now my eyes are (blood).13. In the UK the law is (common) respected.14. Although the plan you submit seems to be very good, it's not (flaw).15. Some students have difficulties to learn (regular) forms of verbs.