Category: Pronouns and determiners

It or there?

Put a suitable word: it or there.

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Please use short forms e.g. haven't instead of have not in negative statements and use long forms in positive statements e.g. I am instead of I'm.

1. is no denying that the concert will be great.2. must have been you who told her about my affair.3. I'm sure they'll come soon so is no good worrying.4. is a waste of time sitting here, let's go somewhere else.5. is no secret that she loves you.6. is no point in buying a notebook if you already have one.7. They will be safe so is no reason to worry.8. is no hope of earning more money in this city.9. The pub owner has changed and is no longer necessary to be over 18 to get in.10. used to be a shop here.11. She is a great artist so is no surprise she sold all her paintings.12. is pointless to buy another car.13. is no chance of arriving before midnight at this rate.14. is no use making excuses now. You should have done it yesterday.15. You've stolen a car so is no choice but to arrest you.