Category: English tenses

English tenses - summary.

Read the questions below and decide which answer best fits each space.

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Question 1

I was very surprised when she said she ... her exam.

Question 2

It's been ages since I last ... you.

Question 3

Next year we ... married for a 20 years.

Question 4

When I was a child I ... tennis twice a week.

Question 5

How long ... here?

Question 6

We all knew that something wasn't right, but she didn't want to say what ...

Question 7

This time tomorrow I ... to Greece.

Question 8

As soon as I ... my money back, I'll buy a new car.

Question 9

Look at his white face. He ...

Question 10

My train ... in half an hour. Could you give me a lift?

Question 11

It was obvious that she would pass her exam. She ... for weeks.

Question 12

Look at her. She ...

Question 13

What ... so wonderful?

Question 14

Never ... such a beautiful and smart girl.

Question 15

She's nice but I assume we ... as a couple.

Question 16

The Internet ... more and more popular.

Question 17

While I was going home, my son ... to France.

Question 18

As a young child Kate ... most of her time playing the piano.

Question 19

Stop shouting at me! You ... my ideas!

Question 20

When I got back home, everybody ...